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  • Our company, Aegean-electronics, made it first steps in Kos Islad, Greece back in 1996 by the newcomer in the island, electronic engineer Dimisianos Alexandros. Main goal of this business was to design and develop electronic solutions of advance technology. We also provide electronic solutions such as Satelite TV, Cable TV, LAN and WAN, CCTV and Alarm systems and many more,  to customers all over Greece.
  • The begining was taugh but as the time passed we started gaining reputation and as a result a respectful ammount of pleased clients who trust us.
  • Nowdays following the global technologic evolution, Aegean Electronics provides high quality products and services. Research is also made so that the latest technological archivements get to you the fastest as possible, reliably and with the expertiece gained all those years.
  • We would like to thank you for your support and trust and we assure you that we will be always here help you reach your goals and make bring life to your ideas.

With great regards,

Aegean electronics



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